Friday, 26 May 2017

Why pay for coal?

Coal is the dirtiest fuel we have. Coal burning produces more pollution than other fuels and more than twice as much CO2 per killowatt-hour than gas,

So why does the UK government subsidise coal? A recent Overseas Development Institute (ODI) report shows that the UK provides subsidies of £356M per year to the UK coal sector. That's despite its stated commitment to phasing out coal-burning no later than 2025.

This makes no sense. It ought to stop.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

More Prevention not More Cure: Dealing with knife crime

The arrest of a 14-year old "in connection with a stabbing that killed Joao Ricardo Gomes" is almost as sad as the stabbing itself. For all we know about the boy arrested is that he is a boy. Not, almost certainly, a desperate criminal. A boy with family and friends. If this boy was involved in the stabbing then his life, and his family's, will change - though not as much as Joao Gomes' life.

Local politicians have made predicable noises. Nick de Bois wants more enforcement of his 'Enfield law' whilst Joan Ryan wants more police. And, yes, laws should be enforced and seven years of Tory cuts do need to be reversed.