Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Zombie gains new life

The Waste Authority's plan for Pinkham Way was defeated two years ago but there's now a new application. Barnet wants to move its Waster Transfer Station WTS from Cricklewood to Pinkham Way and has applied for planning permission (to Haringey Council as the site isn't actually in Barnet!)

According to the Pinkham Way Alliance:
"WTS’s are bad neighbour developments, bring additional heavy vehicles with all the accompanying pollution and nuisance not to speak of traffic congestion. They are high fire risks.  Enfield Council we are told is against waste development at Pinkham Way because it will result in traffic rat running up Waterfall Road and surrounding residential streets to avoid the congested A406."
Also the site is valuable for biodiversity as it provides homes for 6 notable bird species, slow worms and cinnabar moth caterpillars.

The trouble here is that the Council has more time and money than the locals. Then again it lost last time!

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