Tuesday, 18 August 2015

How Cameron is destroying the climate

The Campaign Against Climate Change has summarised the government's recent changes in climate change policy. CACC has found 11 changes that encourage energy use, discourage energy efficiency and tilt the supply-side balance in favour of fossil fuels and against renewables. It's s systematic assault on the climate.

They are (and I quote):

Changes that encourage energy use
  • Massive road-building plans - £15 billion road-building spree still going ahead amid austerity read more
  • Planning an unnecessary new runway in the South East (and quietly ditching previous pledges on Heathrow) read more
Changes that discourage energy efficiency
  • Scrapping the Green Deal for home insulation - What's worse than the weak Green Deal scheme? No support at all. read more
  • Scrapping the Zero Carbon Homes target - supported by housebuilders as well as environmentalists read more
  • Removing tax incentives to buy less-polluting cars read more
Changes that encourage fossil fuel extraction and use
  • More planning changes to fast-track fracking - only 16 weeks allowed for councils or ministers step in read more
  • New tax breaks for fossil fuels - £1.3 billion more announced in March - no cuts here! read more
Changes that discourage renewable energy  
  • Removing onshore wind subsidies - support to end in April 2016 read more
  • Cuts to solar subsidies - endangering the industry in order to save households just 50p-£1.20 a year on bills read more
  • Making renewables pay the climate change levy - this was meant to encourage renewables: it will cost the industry  £3.9 billion read more
  • Planning changes to block onshore wind - making it extremely difficult, even when communities support it. read more

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