Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sadiq Khan: The property company candidate

I don't often read Property Week but I was most interested to see a recent analysis of gifts by the property industry to Mayoral candidates. Sadiq Khan (Labour) got £40,000 from three companies: £20,000 from DCD Properties, £9,900 from AA Homes and £10,000 from Henley Homes. Zak Goldsmith, by contrast, got just £4,000. But I guess he doesn't really need the money.

Who are these generous companies?

It's clear that they have a variety of activities including some very stylish developments. It's no surprise that they offer some very expensive flats. Henley Homes, for instance, has developed Carlton Gate where a one bedroom flat costs £450,000!

Not, shall we say, obvious business partners for a Labour politician. So they must want something from him.

So the questions are these.
  • What will the property companies expect from Mayor Khan? 
  • What, if anything, has he told them to expect?
  • And when he makes a decision about housing how will we know how much he's been influenced by his generous friends?

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