Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Two curious "conicidences"

Fairview Homes is seeking removal of Green Belt status from land it owns (or soon will own) south of Enfield Road. (Shown blue on map.)

What's the big red area between Enfield Road, Trent Park and Hadley Road on the map?

It's more Green Belt farm land. It's red on this Private Eye map because it's owned by an offshore company, LindenTree Properties. (This is much the largest offshore property in Enfield.) I can find almost nothing about LindenTree. It may be a wholly ethical company despite a form of ownership often used to minimise tax payments and avoid public scrutiny.

But I do notice two odd 'coincidences':
  • It shares a boundary with the Fairview triangle.
  • It was bought at about the same date as Fairview bought its option to buy the triangle.
LindenTree's red patch is farmland. Long may it stay Green!


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