Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Enfield rent now 54% of average pay

Green mayoral candidate Sian Berry has published data on rents at

The data shows that rents in Enfield average £1,248 per month - that's 54% of average household take-home pay. In short, rents are unaffordable - 18,525 local households get housing benefit and 2,934 families are homeless.

So, no news there. Everyone knows that London housing is increasingly unaffordable and beyond the reach of ordinary working people.

There can be no quick solution to a housing problem in which we have been investing for over thirty. For let's be clear - this is a problem that's been created by decades of government policies aimed at creating good feelings amongst the Baby Boom generation. A combination of more money for housing, more people needing housing and historically low build rates has driven up prices making my generation feel rich. And thus likely to vote for the government in power.

But there are things that the Mayor could do. Sian has proposed rent controls and a London Renters Union that would represent renters' interests. These policies would help shifty the balance of power from landlords to tenants. She would also close City Airport and use the land for  housing and businesses. A future Green government would go further, of course, with extended rights for tenants.

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