Saturday, 11 April 2015

Enfield North's debt problem

Text of letter sent to local papers on April 10th:

I was appalled to learn that more North Enfield people seek help with serious debts than in 90% of the UK.

The Money Advice Trust tells us that over 1,000 Enfield North residents have called its national debt advice line in the last two years. Since only 17% of people with debt problems seek help the total number of local people affected is probably about 3,000 a year.

It may well be more. This may be the Tory party’s idea of a recovery – it certainly isn’t mine!

The various debt advice charities are doing a good job, a necessary job, but the real need is to address the causes – low wages, insecure employment, high rents and a punitive benefits system. As the Green Party candidate for Enfield North I stand for the Living Wage, an end to zero hours contracts, rent controls and a full rethink of our benefit system. Practical policies that will get people out of debt.

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