Friday, 3 April 2015

The triple crisis

Today we face a triple crisis.
  • London is a rich city in a rich country, yet wages have fallen, work is insecure and many Londoners cannot afford decent homes. For the last 30 years the super-rich have taken most of the benefits of growth. And, horribly, a five mile drive across Enfield sees a ten year drop in life expectancy.
  • Ever fewer people vote. While caring about their communities they are fed up with MPs who break their promises and seem powerless to solve their problems. Our political system no longer reflects the realities of Scottish devolution and the fractured nature of English politics. Worse, the major parties are afraid to upset the press barons and their friends in the City. They offer no real choice.
  • Our industry and agriculture destroys more and more of the natural world. The World Wildlife Fund tells us that the numbers of birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish have declined 52% since 1970 whilst climate scientists warn us of catastrophe.

In short – we need fundamental change and have little time to achieve it.
The Green Party stands for a more equal society in which everyone can share the wealth (and pay their taxes!) We want to change our politics so that every vote counts and no-one can buy influence. And to stop trashing the planet we must abandon fossil fuels in favour of energy efficiency and renewables.
This will be hard. But it can be done if you, with me, vote Green.

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